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Sharing some Technical Interview questions I like to ask ;)

Interview means Dress well, Correct body language (yes it matters!), communication skills (this is also must) and obviously HR and JD relevant questions.

With 7 years experience in IT, I have been sitting on both sides of Table at different times. So, I thought to share my current side (Interviewer) questions so that next time if anyone will Google/Bing in smart way, s/he can have idea of the topics s/he should prepare!



Although I have gone through candidate’s resume before the schedule but still I like to ask

  1. How many Projects have you done till so far?
    Sincere candidate answers correctly and immediately (and this is expected, doesn’t matter you are an experienced person and don’t remember all your success.. This is what gives an impression to the interviewer how much do you liked your all past works and also how much prepared you are for an interview!)
    If answer not correct candidate gets negative point here onwards. If correct, proceed to next Question –
  2. Favourite, most unlike / difficult project and last / recent Project done.
    Now, Questionnaire comes up on reply got from Projects.
  3. What technologies / frameworks / skills were used in it?
  4. Worked in Team or Individual?
    If Team, what Modules s/he owned and if Independent there is a lot to ask (evil)



Going forward to Questions for

Android Fresher

  1. What is Android 😉
  2. Structure of an Android Project and important folders and files.
  3. Building Blocks of Android
  4. Activity / Fragments Life Cycle
  5. Designing Screens for multiple resolutions
  6. Intents / SharedPreferences
  7. Different type of Layouts
  8. Details about AndroidManifest / API Level understanding
  9. Lists / Adapters / Custom Views
  10. AsyncTasks / Handlers
  11. Small queries – String / Searching / Sorting / Logical Questions
  12. OOPS – Classes / Interfaces / Objects / Constructor
  13. Functions / Singleton
  14. Small check on – Threads / Runnable
  15. Fibonacci / Factorial / Prime / Reverse – beginners programs.


Useful links to nail above :

Questions for experienced person 2-3 years will be coming soon.. stay tuned and All the Best 🙂