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How to install .bar in BB10 devices (Deployment for clients)

I use to work in BB10 platform also, and in development process, we need to send different builds at different milestones to the client.

In earlier BB devices, we can easily send deliveries to clients by

  • Installing through OTA Link – Create a build (.JAD/.COD) file(s), and deploy it to device using OTA Link.
  • Installing through SDCard – We can copy these files in parallel in some folder in our SDCard and install directly from there by clicking on .JAD file.

Next, If the build was made accurately the installation process initiate this way and now we have our app running in client’s device/phone.

Installing through App World Sandbox – upload the file to the vendor portal and keep in in draft mode and then add peoples BBID to the sandbox and then they can download it via BB World. (

But, for deploying .bar files for new BB10 devices/Playbook Manager, we can have

For Android Porting Apps –