An Open letter to Mr. Narendra Modi regarding “Safety of Women in India”

Mr. Prime Minister,

I am a huge fan of yours, so before starting to criticize you, I would like to salute your spirit for nation.  I always see an Image of Chanakya in you. He constructed a United Nation i.e. “Akhand Bharat” when our country was divided in pieces.

Its 5 days when you have started your Government for this Country. You made lots of commitments when you sworned as PM of India, but which most interest me as being a girl is “Your commitments were safety of women”. 

I would like to draw your attention towards the “Gang-rape and murder of 2 teenagers in UP”. We women of India expects some strong reaction from you towards these crime. 

In your rallies before LS Elections, your words were like “bahut taklif hoti hai, jab is tarah ki ghatnayein hoti hai”, “It troubles me..!!”.  Does it really hurts you?

In my opinion, you are much stronger than Obama, and I regret to say that you even did not spoke a single word, which even a common man of India do speak..!!

Please do the needful. Please check for the security of women, we are 49% of the population of your country..!!


Can you lead us to the light from darkness? And make women of India feel


download (1)





download (2)

Confident enough to stand against those beasts?

and Cheerful?



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