Twitter API v1 Retired

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As, we know Twitter API v1 is retired. We need to move to v1.1.

As the old APIs are retired, I have been facing issue with Twitter – verifyCredentials(). It was throwing IOException due to HTTP Response Code 410.

As, the Twitter APIs are changed, we need to update the Twitter jar, we are using in our applications.

I have got updated Twitter Jar from : i.e. twitter_api_me-1.9.

This is working like a charm. Enjoy tweeting with your apps..!! 🙂

Twitter Jar twitter_api_me-1.9 –



Author: Kanak Sony

I am Kanak, and I am a Developer, Most projects I have worked upon are developed using JAVA Technology. I have a great interest in BlackBerry Mobile Development. My activity included all areas of the software life-cycle - requirements analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and project management. This is all about work. In my free time I like to share with my family & Friend(s).

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