MultiLevel ListView Demo

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This is a sample project to explain about multi level list views in our BB 10 Cascades project. I have used some static JSON files which are bundled inside the project as assets. ListViews displayed here are list of albums, list of songs under an album, and details of a song. This project do not use C++ files for accessing assets, parsing JSON data and populate them at runtime in Screens using QML Only.

  • Create a new Blackberry project in your BB NDK IDE. Select Project Type->”Cascades Application”-> “Standard Empty Project”. Enter Project Name
  • As our application will use some special libraries, we need to add following lines in our Projects “.pro” file

APP_NAME = MultiLevelListViewDemo

CONFIG += qt warn_on debug_and_release cascades


LIBS += -lbbdevice

LIBS += -lbbsystem


Here are some Screenshots of how Screen flows –

I have used 2 Custom Components here:

  1. HeaderTitle – Used as title bar for Screens
  2. MyListItem – Used as List Item for First Level ListView.

Also, you can download the project from here and “Import”->Existing Projects into Workspace->Select archive file->Check Project->Finish.

Download Link :


Author: Kanak Sony

I am Kanak, and I am a Developer, Most projects I have worked upon are developed using JAVA Technology. I have a great interest in BlackBerry Mobile Development. My activity included all areas of the software life-cycle - requirements analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and project management. This is all about work. In my free time I like to share with my family & Friend(s).

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  1. I adore your wordpress web template, exactly where do you down load it through?

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