Blackberry Push Technology


What is Push Technology?

An Overview of Push Technology in Blackberry Platform

Some important information related to Push APIs

Basically, we need a Client-Side Application tolisten for Push Messages and a Server-side Application to fire Push Messages.

Server Side Push Application 

private static String password = “Your password here”;

private static String targetURL = “”;

private static final String APP_ID = “your app id here”;

public static void main(String[] args) throws PushSDKException, BadMessageException, UnauthorizedException {

org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64 b6;

//net.rim.pushsdk.acknowledgement.NotificationProcessorServiceImpl nsi;

IdGenerator idGenerator = new IdGeneratorImpl();

List<String> addresses = new ArrayList<String>();

String data = “this is a test message – 2”;

System.out.println(“Data is: ” + data);

addresses.add(“your PIN here”);

PushMessageControl pushMessageControl = new PushMessageControl(idGenerator, APP_ID, addresses);

Content content = new TextContent(data);

PapService papService = new net.rim.pushsdk.pap.PapServiceImpl();

PushSDKProperties properties = getBBProperties();

HttpClientImpl client = new HttpClientImpl();




PushResponse response = papService.push(APP_ID, password, APP_ID, pushMessageControl, content);



private static PushSDKProperties getBBProperties() {

PushSDKProperties p = new PushSDKPropertiesImpl();






return p;


Client Side Application


Author: Kanak Sony

I am Kanak, and I am a Developer, Most projects I have worked upon are developed using JAVA Technology. I have a great interest in BlackBerry Mobile Development. My activity included all areas of the software life-cycle - requirements analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and project management. This is all about work. In my free time I like to share with my family & Friend(s).

9 thoughts on “Blackberry Push Technology

  1. First of all Thanks for sharing these resources. Its really very needful.

    I have registered for push development and got the mail from RIM.
    In mail there is a field –
    PPG Base URL**

    and you have written in server side application-
    private static String targetURL = “”;

    Can you please let me know that Should I use ‘’ got from RIM or ‘’ you used.

    In client side application also what should be used for field –
    BPAS_URL = “”;

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  2. Thanks for sharing these resources. They are very helpful.
    I have also registered for Push notification and got mail from RIM.
    Can you please let me know what should I use in place of targetURL?
    Should i use targetURL = “” as you used or PPG Base URL** = “” got in mail from RIM

    and in client side application, in pushAgent class-
    BPAS_URL = “” is written;
    But in mail for client application following url is written
    PPG Base URL** – “”

    What you used for field ‘CONNECTION_SUFFIX’?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  3. Hi ,
    Even i have received a mail with client application follwoing url
    PPG Base URL** – “”

    Please let us know how to use this


  4. Hi latha,

    What you have recieved in mail from RIM is an “eval URL”. Read your mail carefully, you will find –

    ** For evaluation use only.
    PPG Base URL** – “”

    On “eval” you must not prefix with your cpid. So, the BPAS URL will be –

    BPAS_URL = “”

    The only things you need in your BlackBerry app to register for the push service are:

    (1.) Push Application ID (e.g. 1234-c870l6c924r1i298O4o33cc5391y0e75134)
    (2.) Push Port (e.g. 12345)
    (3.) BlackBerry Push Server URL (e.g.

    I hope it helps.

    • Thanks for the information.It really helped me.
      I have also receive a Push port . Should i use the same push port for registering via Client ?
      As i have an already existing port can i use it ?
      Please let me know .


      • Yes, you should use the same port received in your mail from RIM. As, I haven’t tried with any other ports. You should give it a try and share your experience here. All the best..!!

  5. Hello Expert ,
    My BlackBerry Push Service validation is expired . Also now i am not receiving any confirmation on the new request . Is there any way where i can request for production details

  6. In this post,you are provide the information related to the push API.Basically, we need a Client-Side Application tolisten for Push Messages and a Server-side Application to fire Push Messages.
    Thanks for this.
    For more information please visit here advanced blackberry push notifications

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