Cost less Motivational Factors


What is motivation?

What I have understood most is,  Its an inner force which driven our energy level to achieve our goals.  I have read somewhere that –

“Its not getting Someone to do what you want them to do, but it is getting someone to want to do what you want them to do.”

When I asked somebody few days ago, What are factors for Motivation? The replies to me were :

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“Salary / Increment / Wages / Bonus / Incentives / Perks “

Above factors are influencing, but in my opinion these stands lower to some other factors if ranked. 

(1.) Caring Relationship – “We are recognized on our special days like birthdays, anniversaries etc.”

(2.) Recognition of Achievement – “We are recognized and appreciated when we do a good job or suggest any new idea”.

(3.) Pride – We are pride to be a part of the organization.

(4.) Growth / Advancement Opportunities – “We are trained with new and emerging trends. We are given the opportunity to change our responsibilities and positions.”

So, what one can do :

(1.)  Break the gap. Talk to your people!!

(2.)  Do not ignore good work done. Give a Pat on the back. An appreciation email to your Team Member can work a lot. Also, you can hang a flag on his/her work with 3 little words – “Good Work Done.”

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(3.)  There is no problem in getting little personnel. Discuss their personal good and bad events. We all are humans and everyone see light and dark.

(4.)   Help them in getting successful, not pulling them down. Failure of employees in their duties is definitely failure for the company itself..!!

These factors can make employees  walk with you extra miles over and over!!


Author: Kanak Sony

I am Kanak, and I am a Developer, Most projects I have worked upon are developed using JAVA Technology. I have a great interest in BlackBerry Mobile Development. My activity included all areas of the software life-cycle - requirements analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and project management. This is all about work. In my free time I like to share with my family & Friend(s).

3 thoughts on “Cost less Motivational Factors

  1. good thoughts, Its really works… every employee wants recoginition

  2. Great thoughts ! I couldn’t agree more with you ! Encouragement is like taking bath, you need it everyday.

  3. Yooo!!! Love your post…. should give its link on Twitter.

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